Updated security procedures for race day

SECURITY We find it particularly unfortunate that we have to address the issue of increased security at our event which raises thousands of dollars to help others. Nevertheless, given recent circumstances, we have taken steps to beef up security. We thank the town of Fairfield and specifically the Fairfield Police Department for assisting us in this endeavor. Fairfield Police will be providing extra officers, both in uniform and civilian clothes in and around the venue. As well, the police will provide EOD dogs before and during the race. These dogs are trained to detect “suspicious” articles.

Additionally, people attending the event, both entrants and spectators, that are carrying non-transparent bags, may be stopped and asked to submit their bags for scanning.  Therefore, it is advisable for those that wish to bring bags to use transparent bags. This will cause delays getting into the building and everyone is advised to arrive early. The race must start at 8:15 and you should plan to arrive by no later than 7:15.

We appreciate your continued support of our event and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

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